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Result: High Risk
Description: Clear risk factors for heart disease, such as smoking, high stress levels, and an unhealthy diet.
Recommendations from Our Team of Cardiologists:
  • Immediately start making changes to your lifestyle under the supervision of medical professionals.
  • Consider the possibility of using medication to manage risks such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.
  • Regularly visit your doctor for monitoring and treatment adjustments.
Additional Recommendation:
You’re on the Right Track to Achieving a Healthy Heart. Get personalized tracking tools with the HeartScan app for better heart health.
Use the HeartScan app on your smartphone for daily monitoring of your pulse and recording all cardiac cycles in just 1 minute.

Pay special attention to changes in the length and distribution of cardiac cycles and the presence of any signs of abnormalities.
Why Doctors Recommend
the HeartScan App:
Downloadable Results:
You can download the measurement results and send them to your doctor.
Detailed Analysis:
Carefully analyze each cardiac cycle, monitoring the duration and distribution of the cycles, and record any anomalies for further discussion with your doctor.
  • Heart Rate: The HeartScan app provides a highly accurate measure of your heart rate, more meticulous than apps using a phone's camera and finger for a pulse.
  • All Recorded Cardiac Cycles: The app records each full process from the beginning of one heartbeat to the beginning of the next, noting any variations.
  • Length of Each Recorded Cardiac Cycle: The duration of every individual cardiac cycle is meticulously logged.
  • Distribution of the Lengths of All Recorded Cardiac Cycles: The app provides an overview of how the lengths of your cardiac cycles are distributed, helping identify irregularities.
  • Combined Cardiac Cycle: A comprehensive overview of your cardiac cycles is provided for in-depth analysis.
  • Clear Signs of Abnormalities: Any irregularities that may need medical attention are clearly indicated for further investigation.
Convenient and Quick Monitoring:
With HeartScan, you can conduct measurements anywhere, anytime, in just 1 minute. No need to visit the clinic daily – simply lay flat on your back, place your phone on your chest, and let the app do the rest.
1-YEAR PLAN - $0.32 per day
3-MONTH PLAN - $0.48 per day
1-MONTH PLAN - $0.64 per day
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